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  1. Primus

    The second child of the AVeritas family is our Primus. Very shortly after I designed the Aurora, I started work on the Primus. I wanted a classic clean design that borrowed from the Aurora, but stood on its own. I model that you could tell was AVeritas.
    I used the same hybrid numbers I had used on the Aurora. A mix between actual numbers and Roman numerals. I call them “Romerals.” That concept element along with the checkered texture of the sub dial came along from the Aurora to the Primus.

    Simple yet classic “badging” of the AVeritas name and logo with the “Primus” moniker rounded out the design. I chose three color choices for the model. A white dial with black and light blue accents we call the Primus Bermuda, and two black dial versions. The Primus Midnight Gold and the Midnight Cabernet. All three models use a night time luminous “Cathedral” hand design.

    The end result is a classic presentation that has added a number of modern, or unique touches to set this timepiece apart.

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