A vision, a passion, a philosophy….
“A Look”

The mechanical watch; that truly unique blend of artistry and engineering marvel was once on the verge of extinction. The mechanical time piece once again holds a special place in the hearts of those who truly appreciate its charms. A casual observer, first time owner, collector, or aficionado all understand the lure and fascination of a mechanical watch.

Thus is the same for J. Michael Grady – founder and owner of AVeritas. From the time Mr. Grady was a young boy, he was interested in fine watches. A grandfather’s fascination soon turned to an equal allure for the young man. Intense mechanical interest led to a career in Mechanical Engineering.

From the design of mechanisms to manufacturing, he continued the journey. Owning a company engaged in the manufacture of complex mechanical components for the optical industry gave Mr. Grady further insight to extremely complex components. Working with many components that have tolerances that could change with the touch of your hand.

His manufacturing company was already engaged in machining complex components with extremely tight tolerances. Combining his personal watch making with his manufacturing capabilities seemed only natural. Why not create time pieces that reflect his personal design tastes with his fine attention to Engineering detail. These attributes coupled with his extreme “customer focused” business model, along with his philosophical outlook, gave birth to AVeritas. Yes, a name with two capital letters. A precision time piece company, but also an attitude, and outlook of life.

Being a watch designer as well as a watch maker is something I take very seriously. It is my pledge in creating mechanical art.

Beneath the sapphire glass, I find my canvas. The colors, textures and theme I apply, meld with hands and numbers to form the brush strokes of the painting. Instrument function and design form a synthesis with fine art. The boundary and exacting detail of the case and band form the frame of the mechanical portrait.

The end result is engineering hours, minutes and seconds into time as an art form.

J. Michael GradyWatch Maker and Founder

Precise Truth

Just as the mechanical time piece was once almost lost, the forgotten language of Latin was used in naming the company. The word AVeritas is an invention of Mr. Grady’s as well. “Veritas” means truth in Latin. The “A” stands for “Accuratus” which is Latin for “Accurate” or “Precise.”

Truth is a boundless attribute and the foundation of every virtue. To be “good and true” is a universal lesson of life. While influenced by this principle, hypocrisy and deceit should be unknown. Sincerity and pure dealing would be the duty and guiding beacon of mankind. The heart and voice join in promoting each other’s well-being and rejoicing in each other’s prosperity. Thus is precise truth. The coveted cornerstone of society.

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”

– Henry David Thoreau

Born of this philosophy, true to form, function and beauty, AVeritas was created. True to service of the AVeritas patron forms the focus of the company. The AVeritas client is a curator or guardian of our fine time pieces. To purchase an AVeritas is to be the owner, keeper and protector of complex artistry for future generations.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Team


Office Manager, Schedule Coordinator, Mother Hen to all


Shipping/Receiving, Packaging Guru, Connoisseur of the Six String Axe


Watchmaker, Sales and Marketing Liaison, Zumba Zen Master.


Accounting, Fulfilment Manager, Broken Hearted Mets Fan


Marketing coordinator, Branding Expert, Grand Master of the Barbeque Fork.


Founder, Watchmaker, Engineer, Chief Inspiration Officer.

……… It’s not about the time, it’s about the journey.

All AVeritas time pieces are custom built after order placement. We do not hold large inventory of pieces sitting on a shelf. We do not mass produce our time pieces. When you place your order, we go to work. The journey begins. Your time piece is meticulously built by hand, timed, water pressure tested, strap installed, final polish, and placed in our custom made hardwood presentation box. Your time piece is then shipped from our facility in Rochester, New York, right to your door…… Then begins your journey.

Beyond the “Accuratus Veritas” or “Precise Truth” meaning of our company name and brand logo, our “AV Crescent” has a deeper meaning. The “A” and the “V” also stand for two additional Latin words:

Ambitus and Virtus

The Crescent is the shadow of the world. Our home, and all of its people. Our Mother earth.

Regardless of our country, homeland, or adopted homeland, we all occupy our sacred earth. Irrespective of our differences, our cultures, our languages, we are all part of the human family. We are all “One.”

In this context, the “Ambitus” encompasses us as one. The “Virtus” reminds us of the importance of virtue.

The A and the V on top of the shadow of the earth, is an ever present reminder of this important contemplation:

“To surround or encompass all of us. Our passions and desires with perspective, in relation to our world, and all of humanity. That we should lead a virtuous existence. One guided by perpetual integrity.”

The AV Crescent symbol is worn with pride, but more importantly, displayed as a statement of purpose. An ever present reminder of the importance of our own character. One extended to our neighbor, and surrounding all of mankind.