AV – Deeper Meaning

Beyond the “Accuratus Veritas” or “Precise Truth” meaning of our company name and brand logo, our “AV Crescent” has a deeper meaning.  The “A” and the “V” also stand for two additional Latin words:

Ambitus and Virtus

Ambitus – Encompass, or surround.

Virtus – Virtue.

The Crescent is the shadow of the world.  Our home, and all of its people.  Our Mother earth.

Regardless of our country, homeland, or adopted homeland, we all occupy our sacred earth.  Irrespective of our differences, our cultures, our languages, we are all part of the human family.  We are all “One.”

In this context, the “Ambitus” encompasses us as one.  The “Virtus” reminds us of the importance of virtue.

The A and the V on top of the shadow of the earth, is an ever present reminder of this important contemplation:

“To surround or encompass all of us. Our passions and desires with perspective, in relation to our world, and all of humanity.  That we should lead a virtuous existence.  One guided by perpetual integrity.”

The AV Crescent symbol is worn with pride, but more importantly, displayed as a statement of purpose.  An ever present reminder of the importance of our own character.  One extended to our neighbor, and surrounding all of mankind.