The Beginning, or "Evolution" of Averitas

By now, you have read the “About AVeritas” page, which gives some insight to the origination of the company.  The watchmaking “for others” journey started in 2006.  Mr. Grady started making time pieces for friends and family.  This grew outward to friends of friends and to anyone that heard about his work.

These models were manual wind, automatic wind, chronographs, and dive watches.  The “quiet and behind the scenes” position was an intentional undertaking.  For the most part, commissioned time pieces.

Around the 2009 to 2010 time period, Mr. Grady decided to produce two models that would be a standard offering by AVeritas.  This gave birth to the Aurora and the Primus.  Both original designs by Mr. Grady.

Higher quantities were made for each of the two new designs.  He even started to manufacture the cases in his machining facility.  The Aurora and the Primus are still very much a part of the current time piece collection offered today.

Move forward to the Fall of 2017, and an extensive concept and design activity.  Mr. Grady decided to expand the journey, and design a number of new models.  Many that he had been visualizing for quite some time.

Feverishly working on sketches along with the computer using CAD, six new models started to come to life. The results are the new expanded collection.  We are quite excited about the new models.

We hope you decide to become a part of the AVeritas family.  We have eight models to choose from, with many available in varying dial designs and color choices.  Over twenty variations in all.

Thank you for visiting AVeritas.  We hope to hear from you soon.

“Who says work can’t be fun?” There’s always time for a smile and a laugh in life.

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