Time Savers and One World Bracelets


Our “One World” bracelets are a beautiful compliment along side a time piece, or worn alone.  Each bracelet is hand constructed at AVeritas.  We start with premium leather cord, and “hand string” each bracelet.  Stone by stone.  Each bracelet is secured by a magnetic fastener.  

We also offer a unique accent piece called the “Time Saver.”  Stylish while protecting your watch from being scratched when wearing a stone bracelet.  Choose black, tan, or dark brown.

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“One World” Bracelet collection

Your sense of style, goes well beyond your clothes. It is in the car that you drive, the art on your wall, and the time piece on your wrist.
Elegance comes in many presentations. The look and feel of the right gemstones framing your watch, shows that you pay attention to added detail.

A well designed and crafted time piece is well accented by an accompaniment of complimenting stones. Hues and tones of dial and strap are found in the bracelet’s design and gem details.

VIDEO – Andrea tells us about the “Time Saver.”

AVeritas now offers our clients the best complement to our fine time pieces. Introducing the AVeritas “One World” Bracelet collection.
If one’s “outward” style helps present them, their “inward” character is what defines them. The display of true character, is the mark of a real man.

Our unique “One World” bracelets encapsulate the principles of “Accuratus Veritas” and “Ambitus Virtus”  (From the About AVeritas page.)

♦  Each One World bracelet starts with a 2mm diameter premium leather core.
♦  Every bracelet is constructed by hand, stone by stone at AVeritas.  Stones are 8mm in diameter.
♦  Each bracelet uses a magnetic closure.  Easy on, and easy to get off. 

♦  Each One World bracelet has as its center bead, the AV Crescent symbol cast in antique Pewter. A lone solitary blue and green stone bead sits beside it, and represents our Mother Earth, and all of its people.

♦  Our blue and black One World bracelet uses rich blue Crazy Lace Agate stones and deep black Onyx stones.

♦  Our red and black One World bracelet uses beautiful Carnelian red stones and black Onyx.

♦ Our Fire and Ice One World bracelet is made from rich black lava stones and contrasting white Howlite.  This bracelet represents the full scale of life.  From hot to cold, to all people, black to white, and all those in-between.  The full scale of life, the elements, and mankind.

♦  The One World One People bracelet uses a variety of gem stones to represent the 7 continents and 7 seas.  Each bracelet is different, and may include White Howlite, Birdseye Rhyolite, African Turquoise, Carnelian, Sodalite, Red Tiger Eye, Lapis, Jade, Zebra Jasper, Amethyst, and numerous other gem stones.  Each is unique, and all made at the time of order.

♦  We offer a solid leather bracelet that we call the “Time Saver.”  This accent bracelet performs a vital duty.  To protect your valuable time piece from being scratched by a stone bead bracelet.  We highly recommend this bracelet if you where your gemstone bracelet alongside any watch.  The Time Saver comes in black, Tan, and dark brown. 8mm leather diameter.

♦  When you place your bracelet order, you will receive our customary order acknowledgement, and then a second email with a request for size information on your bracelet.  Details like wrist size, will you be wearing it with a watch, Etc. will be asked.  We want to ensure your One World bracelet fits you, and how you will wear it.

The One World Blue and Black matches perfectly with:

The 4-Ten Midnight Tropic, The 4-Ten Azure Blue, The Dimetior Maldives Blue, The Primus Bermuda, The Lunar Date, The Regulator, and the Aperio.

The One World Red and Black matches perfectly with:

The 4-Ten Crimson Red, The 4-Ten Red and Gray Edition, The Force 1 Competition Red, and the Dimetior Impact Red.

The One World, One People bracelet, and the One World Fire and Ice bracelet,  will go well with any time piece, or can be worn on your other wrist.  A perfect compliment.

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