The Wonder of Time




TIME………………..  The most valuable resource known to mankind.

From the dawn of civilization, time and its understanding, became a most treasured possession. Understanding and monitoring day from night, the change of seasons and the cycle of the tides could determine survival.

Observing the sun, moon and the stars were the tools of the first true time keepers.  You can envision a trusted tree shadow pointing the way home. This gave way to sun dials and greater understanding of the celestial bodies in the sky.

Once again, man’s resourcefulness rose to the occasion. The hour glass. How swiftly the sand runs. We cannot without astonishment, behold the little particles in the device; how they pass through almost imperceptivity, and yet to our surprise, in the short space of time, they are all exhausted.

Mankind’s ever increasing ingenuity through invention brought us a mechanical method of recording the hours of the day. The clock.

For many years, the soaring beacon of each village was the clock tower. Guiding each member of society in regulating their day. It planned their schedules, called them to meetings, and recorded the milestones of their lives.

When venturing away from their homes That trusted tower was gone. A solution was needed.  Further engineering creativity brought the grandeur of the town clock to the miniature of the vest pocket. Time was now mobile.

Progress  – From pocket to wrist, the convenience of time became that much easier.

The wristwatch has seen many innovations since the watch chain was replaced by a leather strap. A once mechanical marvel gave way to the battery in the mid twentieth century. While the resource of time was unchanged, the presentation of class, and artistic expression of the craftsman was almost extinguished.

Interest and strong following of the pure mechanical watch has seen a rejuvenation over the past number of years.



“Time is the most valuable thing that a man can spend.”

                                ― Diogenes Laërtius


Through this re-birth and great appreciation of the pure mechanical watch, AVeritas creates timepieces of impeccable design, artisan craftsmanship and powerful beauty.

Time as an Art Form