What’s Under the Sleeve Contest


“What’s Under the Sleeve”



Each month, From April through September, AVeritas will feature a photo on Instagram, of one of our time pieces hidden under J. Michael Grady’s sleeve. The object, is to guess what AVeritas model he is hiding.


Contest Rules and Instructions on How to Play


The object is t guess which AVeritas time piece is under the sleeve in each of the 6 rounds. Make your guess from the 6 models we have chosen shown below. In the event of a tie at the end of the 6 rounds, the tie breaker will be who submitted their last round guess first.

Each guess is worth 1 point. Maximum number of points is 6.  The person with the most points at the end of the 6 months is the winner.

All guesses each month, must be sent by DM (Direct Message) on Instagram. Public messages, emails or messages on our website contact form cannot be accepted. Only one guess per follower per round each month. If a follower submits more than one guess per round, only their first guess will be counted as their submission.

You are required to be an AVeritas follower on Instagram to be eligible. The follower with the most correct guesses (most points) after all 6 rounds, (one round each month) will receive as a prize, an AVeritas Model 4-Ten time piece! You heard correctly, the grand prize is one of our awesome model 4-Ten’s.

Each round, you will be picking one of these 6 models as your first guess:

Force 1

These models may be used more than once under the sleeve!

Don’t worry, if you miss a month, or don’t know of the contest until after a couple rounds, you can still jump in and play. You will just be participating in fewer rounds. You could still possibly have the most correct guesses.

Why the money shown in each photo? That is to show the matching serial number on the currency in each photo. Sleeve covering the hidden watch, and the reveal of “What’s Under the Sleeve.”

Each round will end as follows:

April 30th  Under the sleeve was our model 4-Ten!
May 31st
June 30th
July 31st
August 31st
September 30th

At the end of each round, we will reveal which model was hiding under the sleeve.
The winner will be announced in the first week of October.


Good Luck Everyone!